I’m Andrew LeBlanc.  I teach in the Nova Scotia Community College’s School of Access.  Two of my three courses are part of the Adult Learning Program.  ALP is a continuous intake adult high school.  Students start throughout the year and can carry on where they left off in September.  The other class is a high school physics equivalent course for high school graduates needing the credit or to upgrade their mark.  That course runs in lock step with the regular school year. I’m particularly interested in project based learning, standards based grading, Reggio Emelia/emergent curriculum, brain based teaching and learning and the importance of non-cognitive skill development. While I hope this blog is interesting to all educators, I want to link up with other adult high school teachers so if you are one please say “Hi” or if you know any, please send them my way.  I’m @andrewteacher on Twitter, andrewteacher on Pinterest &  andrewteachernscc on YouTube.  Thanks for reading!


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